Mission Statement


Here at Jay Dev Studios we strive for the best in client satisfaction. Our company develops apps for the enjoyment and increased productivity of our customers. Our in-house design team and software engineers aim to to deliver products that exceed the expectations of their recipients.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, we are a company whose products you can rely on to always bring you something unique and worth your while. We aim to be a world class mobile application development studio that you can keep coming back to for awesome applications that add to your enjoyment and for their usefulness.

Our Games!

The Bee Game Title Picture

The Bee Game is an epic infinite platform flying game that is just too sweet to miss out on. Dodge wax columns to earn points, if you hit them it’s game over. Watch out for the other bees though, they are sure to slow you down. Don’t get pushed too far back or it’s game over. Set the high score and see if your friends or family can beat it!